What is the Club?

The Drama Club of Vocaloid Academy was started under the principal's nose to get an experimental extra curricular club for randomly selected students to try out incorporating the singing program and the drama aspect of Vocaloids. Performing for the regular student body every month or so under the help of their coach, they lead a pretty hectic life ranging from academics and social life. Their life in the club depends on their likability among the regular student body and their constant threat of the principal trying to being down the club.

Vocaloid A = Akari Mikakerune

Vocaloid B = DUKE

Vocaloid C = Ian

Vocaloid D = Haiiro Ongaku Bito

Vocaloid E = Xiao Ti Qin

Vocaloid F = Kana Okune

Vocaloid G = Nazo Hatsuyuki

Vocaloid H = JPEG

Vocaloid I = Sokei Onsei

Vocaloid J = Bailey Yamanashi

Vocaloid K = Kazuo Hayate

Vocaloid L = Tsukume Yokura

Vocaloid M = Kirei Bara

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